Tiregom.us : Tire Comparison Tool

Tiregom.us : The Tire Comparison Tool to Buy Your Tires cheaper

What Is Tiregom?

Tiregom is a tire comparison tool, allowing you to buy your vehicle's tires at the best price. Tiregom references the best tire retailers, offering thousands of products.

The site is currently being developed and has been thought of and designed expressly for the needs of site visitors and tire retailers. Thus Tiregom is able to offer you the most appropriate information for your search.

Search for Tires

Here are a few examples of Tiregom's search filters to help you find which tire will fit on your vehicle:

  • Search by size: length, height, diameter, load carrying capacity, and speed
  • Search by vehicle: Tiregom will indicate approved tires for your vehicule
  • Search by brand and model: Directly choose the brand and model that you want to buy

Refine the Search

Other filters will be available to get the most out of the results:

  • Season: Winter, summer, and all-season
  • Vehicle Type: RV, van/truck, 4x4, agricultural, heavy-duty, motorcycle and ATV
  • Runflat: If you want tires that resist to the effects of deflation when punctured
  • Reinforced: If you vehicle needs reinforced tires (e.g., XL, Extraload)
  • Delivery: If you need your tires quickly, certain retailers can ship in 24-72 hours
  • Mounting: You can choose to have your tires mounted in a shop near you or do it at home with mobile mountings

About Tiregom:

Tiregom will offer a "tire guide" where you will have files and information about everything pertaining to tires: how to verify the tread depth, how to read the information on the tire, why to fit winter tires, and much more.

In addition, tests and trails are done each season to help you choose the right tires, because not all of them are the same.

An up-to-date blog will be available to follow novelties. Even if it's a question about something specific, things are rapidly changing in the industry. Laws, and standards change, and plenty of other things as well. Stay informed and always be well equipped.

You don't understand the letters and numbers on the tires? We do! That's why Tiregom will add a glossary with all the acronyms and abbreviations that you encounter. Certain tires are approved by multiple automobile brands, if you know how look for them. Tiregom can tell you which ones will fit.

Tiregom was developed by recognized companies in the tire industry, price comparison field, and internet design. Thus we combine the best knowledgebase and experience to create a one-stop site to buy your tires online for less.

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